Your finance and HR departments are handling increasingly complex business trips year after year. In addition, the administrative burden of managing and processing travel is increasing for your employees.

Items such as hotel or flight bookings, logging and taxi receipts as well as the timely approval of employee travel prior to departure are becoming increasingly burdensome for you and your company.

Simplify and automate your expense reporting while meeting your travel expense policy with SAP Concur Request, Travel & Expense.

What is SAP Concur?

SAP Concur offers integrated solutions for your travel expense management. This fully SaaS-based solution can be used on all mobile devices and supports employees from the travel request and its approval to planning and booking all the way through to the expense report.

What are the features of SAP Concur?

SAP’s Concur solution enables your organization to automate expense processes, saving effort and time. Manual spreadsheets are replaced by digitally created expense reports. Simple, fast and error-free.


The benefits of SAP Concur for your finance and HR departments

Reduced costs: Manual data entry is reduced, thus up to 78% of transaction costs can be saved per settled travel expense report.

Connection to the booking tool: Using an end-to-end process, booking data can be transferred directly to the expense report. This makes it much easier for employees to submit expense reports quickly and accurately.

Improved compliance: Policies are clear. An automated solution makes it possible for employees to be automatically alerted to non-compliant expenses. In addition, compliance policies can be quickly updated as needed.

Reduced risk: Third-party data can be imported more accurately using SAP Concur, ensuring reliable data.

Ongoing savings: Consolidate all spend flows into one system. By bringing the solutions together, benefits can be optimized for employees and the business.

Ease of implementation: Implementing a cloud solution has a minimal cost. The company can quickly benefit from an ROI. In addition, mobile and web-based applications require little infrastructure, which means less work for the IT department.

Growth: New offices and expansions into new countries mean more expense reports, more complex regulations, and additional currencies. SAP Concur solutions are scalable. As the business grows, the solution grows with it. CNT Management Consulting is your implementation partner and can prepare your organization for the future.

Standardized approval processes: Automated solutions ensure that expense postings and recoveries are fair and consistent for everyone.

Increased productivity: Digital spend management allows managers to access data at any time. An overview of upcoming cash flow, open and unapproved expenses, can be viewed in the system by the finance department at any time.

Optimized for mobile devices: The SAP Concur mobile app allows employees to conveniently manage their expense claims, even when out and about.


Save time and money with support from CNT

With the implementation of Concur Solutions, CNT Management Consulting helps your company efficiently save time and money. Operating in ten locations worldwide, our consultants have the needed know-how based on many years of experience.

SAP Concur – travel management with an innovative solution

Highlights of the solution



Reduce your processing costs per expense claim by up to 60%!


Improve compliance by up to 62%. Easily define your company’s internal guidelines in the system.


Receive reimbursement of your travel expenses up to 67 % faster!

Concur expense – simple & smooth

Manual entries are in the past

Booking information is supplied directly from Concur Travel.

Submission of documents

Documents and receipts can be submitted in advance.

Automated assignment

Credit card data is automatically assigned to the correct statement.

Integration of maps

Thanks to the integrated Google Maps API, the travel costs can be calculated.

Compliance with the guidelines

The system checks for compliance with the guidelines.


We are your implementation partner for Concur solutions.
With our know-how and more than 20 years of professional experience, we support you in making your company more efficient!

Frequently asked questions about our SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a cloud-based travel management software from SAP that can be used to map all processes related to business travel. With the SAP Concur solution, you get an overview of all your company’s travel expenses.

SAP Concur automates the entire travel expense process. Since it is a cloud solution, travel planning can be accessed from anywhere, and the budget can also be accessed on the go.

The Concur solution can be deployed for small, medium-sized, and even large Fortune 500 companies.

The Concur solution is provided as a SaaS solution. SAP Travel Expense Accounting enables the growth of a company to be more efficient.

By default, foreign currencies are converted using the online platform Oanda.

A travel policy governs the planning, processing, and reimbursement of travel services. A travel policy must be clearly defined by the company.