Centralize processes and information with SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management

SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management offers a unified organizational approach. Centralize the control of company-wide business processes with the cloud-based tool: from the initial planning approach to settlement and closing. In doing so, you draw connections across projects and can work with subprojects or mirror tasks. Integrate SAP EPPM into your existing IT landscape and keep track of all activities. We develop your roadmap.

With SAP EPPM, you can establish an efficient as well as transparent roadmap for project management and facilitate:

  • increased speed of project implementation

  • sustainable quality through real-time analyses

  • greater profitability through time and cost savings

  • reliable compliance in operational processes

Read up on the benefits of integration now. Our SAP specialists are always ready to assist with their cross-industry experience.

Efficient and transparent project management for your company

You constantly go over budget? Project capacities are consistently utilized to the fullest extent? You are lacking order in your data overviews? Use SAP EPPM solutions to regain control. Take advantage of the central analysis functions to:

Activities can be viewed across departments, and obtained data is always updated in real time. This shortens communication channels and allows you to react quickly to potential risks – regardless of location. Utilize company-wide transparency in the project system to increase your ROI in a sustainable manner.

Get to know the advantages of SAP EPPM

Sophisticated project management offers many benefits. It helps you centralize portfolio management, work more efficiently across departments, and anticipate future challenges. As an SAP S/4HANA solution, the software is closely linked with other project cycle management add-ons:

  • SAP Project System facilitates logistics and controlling.
  • SAP Commercial Project Management controls projects in real time and identifies risks as well as opportunities at an early stage.

The integration of SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management allows you to benefit on several levels:

Process Automation

Automate project administration, project planning, project prioritization, and project analysis.

AI Integration

Use AI-based predictions to optimize internal resource utilization.

Time Saving

Reduce the time to market for new products through flexible development processes.

Collaboration through SAP EPPM Cloud solutions

To ensure that processes throughout the company run smoothly, the German software company SAP SE offers a broad product portfolio of different collaboration tools:

  • The AI-powered tool Ruum by SAP assists with task management. It facilitates efficient process modeling for external and external project members.

  • The integration of Jam provides an enterprise-wide communication and learning platform on any end device.

  • SAP Project Intelligence Network manages processes in the construction industry regardless of location. The software offers a secure communication platform for cooperating companies.

Let’s build your roadmap

More and more companies are integrating SAP S/4HANA to digitalize business-wide processes at all levels. The new system integrates SAP CPM, SAP PPM, and SAP PS to achieve greater flexibility and stability. It helps you uncover cost-saving opportunities, make sustainable investments in the right resources, and reach goals faster. To simplify your move to SAP EPPM, we have developed a three-step methodology: identify target processes, define the implementation scope and system setup, and then realize the system extension and the go-live.

This methodology is the basis of our agile implementation plan, which enables you to complete projects quickly with guaranteed success.

Get started with SAP EPPM and us!

Having participated in countless collaborations across a wide range of industries, our SAP specialists here at CNT have more than 20 years of implementation experience. And this is reflected in all our best practices for your roadmap. Consequently, we can integrate SAP EPPM into your existing system using a brownfield approach or reach a first milestone in your digitalization using a greenfield approach.

Frequently asked questions about SAP EPPM

When it comes to automating their business processes, almost 80% of all companies rely on SAP ERP. However, it was announced in 2019 that maintenance for this product will be discontinued. Therefore, making a timely switch to S/4HANA is well worth it. We will guide you through this modernization process and take the complexity of ERP landscapes off your hands. Let us answer some frequently asked questions for you right now.

The acronym EPPM stands for Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management. With this software, you have many possibilities to structure lightweight projects transparently. As the link between SAP PPM and SAP PS, the cloud-based tool thus extends portfolio and project management (PPM) to include the direct execution of projects.

As we have already shared with you, there are many benefits: Integration allows data to be collected in one central location and analyzed in real time. Available resources are distributed according to your KPIs. The software offers you a range of possibilities to master new challenges and is comparatively inexpensive.

EPPM offers versatile solutions that help companies organize projects more efficiently. The implementation is suitable for companies of different sizes that offer a variety of different products or services. Data is gathered in one place and interlinked so that it always remains flexible in regard to controlling. In connection with other modules such as SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management), SAP EPPM is recommended for both B2B and B2C business processes.