SAP is the core software of your company? Then you know the advantages of automated resource planning for all business processes: With the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, you can keep a close eye on materials management, services, production sequences as well as accounting models and much more – and all this within a central, cloud-based platform running on the latest version, SAP S/4HANA.

In addition, a lot of businesses have been using SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) for their supplier management. However, with the new product generation S/4HANA, SAP SE has announced that it will discontinue SAP SRM in 2025. The successor is SAP Ariba: the new cloud-based solution for buyers and suppliers who want to digitize both their spend management and supplier relationship management.


SAP Ariba is the market-leading software solution for the automation of procurement processes and corporate supplier management. As a business and a buyer, you can keep an eye on all your spending in real time. Central control allows you to optimize your strategic planning processes and thus creates a stable foundation for your supplier portfolio.

Suppliers have full control over their liquidity and can improve sales cycles.

SAP Ariba enables you to digitally realign all your processes in sourcing and logistics.

What is SAP Ariba?

When the company Ariba was acquired by SAP SE in 2012, the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software was pursuing the idea of simplifying B2B collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

Using one platform, you can digitize all or just some of the processes relating to procurement and order processing.

So far, this has been carried out by SAP SE itself, but support for its SAP SRM solution will expire in 2025. The module, which needs to be installed, will be completely replaced by the cloud-based SAP Ariba system.

As a result, all steps in the procurement process – from purchasing to payment – are controlled automatically and can be accessed in one place. You are provided with various tools that make spending transparent for both customers and suppliers at all times.

Efficient and error-free transactions build trust in B2B relationships and are your opportunity for sustainable growth. How exactly? That’s what we would like to show you now!

Benefits of SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba has been successful in building the largest international supplier network, providing you with global business partners and business opportunities. Together with the world market leader in enterprise application software, SAP S/4HANA and SAP Ariba enable you to grow into a flagship company:


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For whom was SAP Ariba designed?

SAP Ariba is suitable for companies of all sizes. For midsize and growing businesses, there is the cost-effective SAP Ariba Snap solution. What is SAP Ariba Snap? An easy-to-use, guided solution for more control in every step of the purchasing process.

In addition, this software can be integrated into any existing SAP ERP system. SAP Ariba is open to all types of goods and services and allows growing companies to tap into the world’s largest business network with more than 4.1 million potential contacts.


Learn more about SAP Ariba solutions:

  • Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Buying
  • Invoicing
  • Supplier Management


With our DSN package, you can use the Ariba network as an exchange platform for orders, confirmations, and invoices on a fixed implementation cost basis.


With our CAB package, we implement SAP ARIBA Buying and Invoicing with connection to your SAP system at a fixed price.


Suppliers can get started with Ariba much easier with our ARS package.

We help you get the most out of Ariba.


You need support as supplier on Ariba Network?

We also offer support for the unlocking, the activation, and the loading of catalogs.


To centrally monitor incoming order confirmations, you can use our proOCM solution.

SAP Ariba – purchasing & procurement solutions

The software provides outstanding tools that give you centralized and easy online access with which you can view all business processes in real time. By completely automating processes, you reduce unnecessary complexity and can innovatively promote the financial supply chain management or steps in procurement and order processing. You standardize procurement processes, and – thanks to SAP Source-to-Contract Suite – you can:

  • reduce costs,

  • reduce risks (e.g., in contrat management),

  • realize sustainable savings in direct and indirect materials.

Does that sound promising? Then we would like to now present the approaches of the SAP Ariba solution to you in more detail.

SAP Ariba Solutions

CNT is your Implementation Partner for SAP Ariba Solutions

The business software SAP follows a modular approach with which resource management can be adapted as needed to fit your company’s needs. SAP Ariba and its solutions can also be configured individually for your existing ERP system.

As a leading SAP partner, CNT Management Consulting can facilitate your straightforward SAP implementation. Our consultants will find customized SAP Ariba solutions for you. Our SAP implementations, which we have successfully executed for clients in various industries worldwide, are award-winning. You don’t need to waste resources to maintain steady growth – discover the possibilities now!


Our CNT Ariba CAB package is your introduction to SAP Ariba Buying: the agile self-service solution for convenient and guided shopping experiences in operational business. With our standardized CAB Package you benefit from the following advantages right from the start:

  • Quickly integrated into your existing SAP system, the SAP Ariba Buying software is fully operational within a few days.
  • Role distribution as well as all settings and releases have already been predefined for you.
  • Catalogs of established suppliers representing a wide range of product groups are ready for immediate use.
  • With the CNT Ariba CAB Package, you receive additional training and administration documents for the software.


With our CAB Package you get SAP Ariba Buying and Optional Invoicing in just a few days. Our flexible offerings allow you to extend the package according to your needs. So you can start with a basic setup and expand your solution at a later stage. It is entirely up to you!

 GET YOUR SAP Ariba DSN Package

Digital Supplier Network Package

Start growing your business with a digitalized procurement process: from automated ordering (XS DSN Package) to complex digital service recording (XL DSN Package). Our Digital Supplier Network Package (DSN Package) is a CAB Package extension available in different scopes of services:

  • Have your orders automatically processed via the SAP system on the SAP Ariba marketplace.
  • Speed up your warehouse processes and supply chains with automatic processing and notification of shipping notifications.
  • Invoices can be posted fully automatically.

Benefit from the world’s largest supplier network based on fixed implementation costs.

Our DSN Packages help you communicate with your suppliers without any media breaks – no matter if your supplier is big or small, located far away or next door.

  • Send purchase orders electronically from your SAP system to your suppliers via the Ariba Network.
  • Receive order confirmations in SAP and process them without any manual labor.
  • Process shipping notifications automatically and benefit from the positive impact on your warehouse processes.
  • Receive invoices in SAP without scanning, and post them fully automatically.

Select one of our DSN Packages matching your needs.

Order x x x x x
Order Confirmation x x x x
Ship Notice x x x
Invoice x x
Service Entry x x x

Ariba Ready Supplier Package

The Ariba Network provides a lot of benefits not only to the buyer. Using the software, suppliers can also sustainably expand their processes and keep a close eye on liquidity. Our Ariba Ready Supplier Package (ARS Package) helps you as a supplier to become Ariba ready.

Order Confirmation Monitor

Our CNT Order Confirmation Monitor (proOCM solution) is an additional tool for buyers and suppliers. It is your solution for the central coordination of incoming order confirmations.

Supplier Support

With such a high-performance supplier network, many questions can arise about the use of SAP Ariba.

Do you need clarification on anything? Our CNT SAP specialists have many years of professional experience.

In addition to implementing SAP Ariba, we also advise you on catalogs with their corresponding content, as well as your options, opportunities, and competencies in the SAP Ariba network in general. Get in touch with us!


With CNT Management Consulting as your consultant and implementation partner, you can efficiently and quickly organize your realignment with SAP software in order to become a flagship company.  What we do for you:

  • CNT provides cost-effective support for your SAP Ariba solutions.
  • Together we continuously improve your processes.
  • With our CNT Application Services, you always have the latest innovations.
  • You consistently optimize your data environment.
  • The cloud-based software solution improves your IT compliance and minimizes risks on different levels.

CNT integrates SAP solutions into your existing ERP system so that you always benefit from the specific know-how of our specialists. In this way, you derive the greatest benefit for your company.

Can SAP Ariba be used without SAP S/4HANA?

SAP Ariba can be used in combination with all technologies, so your IT can work with systems it knows.

SAP Ariba can be used as a stand-alone without S/4HANA. However, the software is optimized for S/4HANA, which means that they complement each other perfectly: SAP Ariba Buying facilitates collaboration between buyers and suppliers on the network. This allows supplier catalogs, quotations, purchases and sales as well as invoices to be managed centrally. S/4HANA structures and organizes order transactions, goods receipts, and invoice receipts. In this manner, the full potential is realized.

Integration of SAP ERP with Ariba Cloud solutions

CNT advises you during your software application and maintenance cycles. For this purpose, our SAP specialists have created their own cycle, which minimizes your costs and risks in the long term. This allows you to fully concentrate on your projects and increase your ROI (return of investment).

  1. qualified user support
  2. support during implementation
  3. regular maintenance for continuous improvement measures
  4. consulting services during change processes
  5. routine quality assurance

Frequently asked questions about SAP Ariba

Just as buyers can connect with suppliers from over 190 countries on the Ariba network, supplies can also benefit from international exchange. Network and efficiently expand existing or new business relationships.

In this way, you secure your liquidity. By automating your business processes, you also shorten your sales cycles and supply chains. Your profit increases. As a supplier, compliance can also become your sales tool and guarantee error-free transactions. Lastly, you also increase your customer satisfaction.

With Ariba Network, you are part of a globally successful networking service. To participate, all you need to do is register with your company on Ariba Network by setting up a company profile. This takes no more than a few minutes, and you only need to enter genera information about your business. As a buyer, you can then easily communicate with existing suppliers and consistently find new trusted business partners.

As a supplier, you become part of the Ariba Network as soon as you enter a binding business relationship with a customer. Are you still looking for a suitable buyer? Then you can open a free standard account instead of a company profile and find business partners. With the most important basic operational functions, you can conduct e-commerce and attract the attention of your first buyer organizations.

There are no hard-and-fast answers to these questions, as every company needs a solution customized to its individual business processes. This can very quickly become an extensive project, but with ready-to-use packages, we minimize this complexity in a cost-effective and at all times transparent manner.

Our CAB Package allows you access to the SAP Ariba Network and 4.1 million business opportunities. We make it easy for you to get started with SAP at a fixed price of €39.900, including the integration of SAP Ariba Buying into your existing ERP system, plus SAP license fees.

Do you have any further questions about our CNT services? Then feel free to send us an email or call one of our offices.