SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud is a cloud-based solution for the automation of your sales processes. Only by understanding your customers can you realize revenue opportunities and retain loyal customers. Keep on top of things and act proactively – Sales Cloud scales your sales activities in real time.

The benefits of SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud is a cloud-based, highly scalable CRM solution for the automation of sales processes. The mobile-first approach enables global access to the solution and is optimized for use with mobile devices.

  • Cloud-based, highly scalable solution
  • Holistic overview of each customer
  • Mobile access via native apps
  • AI-based features to analyze, derive recommendations, and provide deep insights into customer data
  • Guided Selling to support your sales teams

Your benefits are also the benefits of your customers:

  • Go from being a mere salesperson to knowing your customers and addressing requirements on an individual basis

  • Sales activities are scaled in real time

  • SAP Sales Cloud AI identifies potential risks and suggests preventive actions at an early stage

  • Transparent communication strengthens customer relationships and personalizes interactions

We give advice – you grow.

Return of Investment: Increase your ROI with SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud provides an overview of all steps in your sales process and makes them equally accessible to all sales employees. By building customer intimacy,

  • action forecasts can be drawn,
  • optimization potentials can be uncovered,
  • recommendations can be derived and
  • prioritized immediately.

As a result, you strengthen your internal sales structure and record higher sales as well as sustainable customer loyalty.

Frequently asked questions about SAP Sales Cloud

Nearly 80% of all SAP customers run their business with SAP ERP. It is the core of many internal and external business processes. But SAP Sales Cloud complements SAP ERP and serves as a “sales mouthpiece to the customer”. For your sales staff, SAP Sales Cloud becomes the tool to serve their customers in the best possible way.

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The software company SAP SE designs products for large as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. As a cloud-based solution, SAP Sales Cloud offers full coverage of functionalities across all sales processes, whether they are B2B or B2C.

SAP Sales Cloud automates all steps in your sales process: from generating leads to closing deals to after-sales interactions with the integrated SAP Service Cloud.

  • You get an intuitive overview of sales processes across locations.
  • You discover potential in retail and field sales.
  • You make all customer data from both the front and back office transparent and scalable.
  • You receive data-driven recommendations for profitable sales opportunities.

Discover the many possibilities for internal and external process optimization for yourself. We will accompany you on this path.

SAP Sales Cloud is based on artificial intelligence. It collects and sorts meaningful customer informationfrom the front and back office. With real-time evaluations, it reveals promising business opportunities to you. With intelligent Guided Selling, you can meet the increasingly complex requirements of B2B sales. SAP Sales Cloud helps you understand and respond to customer requirements.