SAP Service Cloud

Take your customer service to a new, digital level with SAP Service Cloud. Create a seamless customer journey and enable your customers to get in touch with you – no matter when, no matter where, no matter how.

The benefits of SAP Service Cloud

To meet customer service expectations today, you need to offer your customers the ability to get in touch quickly and easily. SAP Service Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for precisely this purpose:

  • An intelligent omnichannel integration reaches your customers at the right moment on the right channels

  • Through optimized problem-solving processes, you build sustainable customer relationships and thus ensure the long-term existence of your business

With SAP Service Cloud, you bring in a supporting AI that knows your customers. Being close to your customers allows you to meet their demands and deliver on your brand promise.

How does the tool reduce the workload of your service teams?

Increase your ROI through revolutionary customer service

When your customer service is tightly integrated with your sales force, you create unique customer experiences. Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty, and customer loyalty leads to increased revenue. Here’s how to turn your investment into sustainable profit:

Frequently asked questions about SAP Service Cloud

The German software company SAP SE offers various SAP cloud services for process automation. We have summarized the most frequently asked questions about SAP Service Cloud for you here.

Small, medium, large – SAP SE develops its cloud solutions for companies of all different sizes. If you want to optimize your service, it is best to do so in a customer-oriented manner. In this way, you can create unique experiences.

The SAP Service Cloud reduces the workload of your service department, especially when you reach your customers on different channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, by email or over the phone. The focus is on customer-oriented support in the after-sales process – from the inquiry to the resolution of problem. The cloud-based system can meaningfully complement your SAP CRM & CX strategy. In this way, you create holistic positive experiences.

Among others, SAP CX Suite also includes SAP Field Service Management. The seamless integration of SAP Service Cloud and SAP FSM enables end-to-end mapping from the inquiry and the classification of the service request all the way to the on-site problem resolution at the customer’s premises by a mobile service technician.