SAP ECC – which preceded S/4HANA – still forms the core of all internal and external business processes for many companies. As the central ERP system of the SAP SE software manufacturer based in Walldorf, Germany, the name SAP ERP may be more familiar to you. Many SAP customers run their business processes on this basis. Other SAP customers still rely on on-premise or hyperscale systems and use a limited cloud strategy for their SAP environments.

And yet the trend is changing:

  1. Because SAP S/4HANA is the future digital core of your SAP environment.
  2. Because RISE with SAP and a cloud-first mindset is the operating model of the future.
  3. Because SAP SE has announced its plan to discontinue maintenance for SAP ECC in 2027.
  4. Because SAP S/4HANA provides even better support for your business.
  5. Because RISE with SAP makes your business flexible and agile.

SAP is growing. Your industry is growing. So that your company can keep pace with these developments, you should switch from SAP ECC to S/4HANA and RISE in a timely manner. The full-service RISE with SAP package from SAP SE significantly simplifies this migration. And we provide #rise2S4 to make RISE with SAP easier to use, thus removing obstacles from your path to S/4HANA on RISE.

Companies that can adapt their business processes quickly will thrive … This is what RISE with SAP is all about.”

– Christian Klein, CEO SAP SE


RISE with SAP is a complete package from SAP. It contains:

  • S/4HANA Cloud ERP: the platform for all business processes

  • Business Process Intelligence Starter Package: analysis and monitoring of your processes for a digital transformation

  • SAP Business Technology Platform: innovation tailored to your company’s processes

  • Starter package for SAP Business Network: your digital marketplace with the Ariba Network effect

  • various integrated services and tools

Our CNT #rise2S4 service package gives you an introduction to cloud-based enterprise resource planning. With our support, you do not have to deal with the complexity of ERP landscapes.

  • We provide a fixed structure for migrating from SAP ECC to S/4HANA on RISE in two well-defined phases.

  • You receive a precise schedule for converting your system.

  • We are a consulting firm that has already successfully implemented SAP projects of all kinds and can therefore draw on best practices.

  • You will have profitable results thanks to the brownfield conversion.


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What is CNT #rise2S4?

RISE with SAP is a full-service package from SAP SE that makes it easier for customers to transition from SAP ECC to the S/4HANA, private cloud edition. The RISE package from SAP combines all cloud-based SAP services in one contract for the first time. However, individual steps must be planned carefully and a schedule must be drawn up even for RISE with SAP. This is precisely what our CNT #rise2S4 package provides: it helps you implement your SAP S/4HANA migration seamlessly and without delays – as easily, securely, and quickly as possible.

#rise2S4 is driving the market

Our CNT specialists are well-respected SAP consultants. Among other things, they carry out business transformation projects, including the implementation of SAP cloud solutions across a wide range of industries. As a result, we have noticed that more and more companies are already migrating from SAP ECC to S/4HANA on RISE.

With #rise2S4, we make sure that your transformation happens quickly and that you see real results.

  • S/4HANA on RISE is becoming the standardized core and operating model for many companies, thanks to #riseS24.

  • Comprehensive SAP packages for IaaS and PaaS are winning factors.

  • The SAP standard hyperscaler is becoming increasingly more powerful and accurate.

  • The SAP usage-based subscription model is an optimal alternative to the conventional subscription model.

  • For many ECC customers, RISE with SAP, private edition, is the right step in the direction of a pure SaaS model.

Why switch to SAP S/4HANA now?

CNT #rise2S4 – Package components for conversion to S/4HANA

The CNT #rise2S4 package walks you through all functional and technical steps of the conversion from SAP ECC to the latest version SAP S/4HANA, private cloud edition. By means of a brownfield conversion, you are fully up and running again from day 1 post migration. Our #rise2S4 package runs through two fixed phases with you:

#rise2S4 is an SAP-qualified partner packaged solution from CNT

CNT #rise2S4 is an SAP-qualified partner packaged solution for converting SAP ECC systems to SAP S/4HANA on RISE with SAP, private edition. It is offered as an accelerated service delivery model with fixed scope and fixed price.

RISE with SAP is the future of the SAP ecosystem. A standardized digital core with SAP S/4HANA, the maturity of HyperScalers, the excellence of SAP cloud services, and the broad adoption of subscription models forms a perfect use and business case. This future-proofs your business processes by meeting customer demand for predictable outcomes and accelerating the transition for faster time-to-value.

Fast migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA

We have already guided more than 300 SAP ECC and over 60 S/4HANA projects, and the numbers are increasing. However, many companies are also still holding back due to ERP complexity. Are you also still hesitating, or are you already taking an innovative step forward? RISE with SAP is the solution for a simplified and fast migration to SAP S/4HANA. With it, you automate and optimize all business processes – from the (new) partnership between companies and suppliers with the SAP Ariba Business Network to the final order processing.

#rise2S4 Package Overview

Conversion milestones and schedule

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CNT #rise2S4 includes a progressive conversion path with defined milestones and quality gates.

#rise2S4 T-Shirt Sizes and Scope

CNT offers T-shirt sizes for conversion according to specific parameters, as shown in the table below. The package can be customized to meet additional requirements.

CNT is a global consulting firm headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with offices worldwide. To date, we have delivered more than 60 S/4HANA projects and more than 300 SAP ECC projects across various industries. CNT prides itself on its uncompromising focus on quality in the SAP environment and its customer-first philosophy.

users <250 <750 <2.000
company codes and countries 1 <7 <25
complex countries 0 1 3
interfaces <10 <50 <100
simpliciation items <20 <50 <100
implementation of the new general ledger included in the package included in the package included in the package
business partner conversion is required is required is required
complexity of the custom code low low middle
existing customer BPML and testplan available available available
evaluated overall complexity low middle hight
#riseAssessment €40,000 €40,000 €40,000
#riseConversion €385,000 €630,000 €870,000
  • With our holistic consulting approach, we combine technical know-how, methodical competence, and expertise for your industry.

  • Thanks to our extensive experience in your industry, we are also the right partner for your innovation projects with SAP S/4HANA.

  • We will be happy to explain the requirements and framework conditions in a personal meeting.

  • With our Run2S4 packages, you are following a secure path towards the conversion to SAP S/4HANA.

  • We remove complexity and make the conversion transparent, plannable, fast, and cost-effective for you.

  • Defined scope, defined time and defined price. This is the starting point for the use of innovative functions and a further step towards the Intelligent Enterprise.

Frequently asked questions about our conversion package CNT #rise2S4

With our #rise2S4 SAP-Qualified Partner Packaged Solution, we take the complexity out of SAP ERP. We support you in deriving the greatest benefit for your company from all applications. For this purpose, we will now answer some questions that our clients often ask.

Despite its high configurability, SAP ECC is slowly reaching its limits. Similar to its predecessor SAP R/3, the SAP ERP system has accompanied many companies for a long time. It

  • stores,
  • retrieves,
  • analyzes, and
  • processes

all data records. But just like SAP S/R was replaced by SAP ECC in 2004, it is now time to replace SAP ERP with S/4HANA. The biggest difference is the in-memory database. The ERP system uses the computer’s own RAM as a data store, enabling data records that are always up-to-date and ready for retrieval. In contrast to R/3 and ECC, the S/4HANA interface is much more user-friendly – individual applications have been revised and obsolete ones have been adopted. Since the solutions are available both as on-premise and cloud variants, you are future-proof with S/4HANA.

We have mentioned the brownfield conversion several times. But what does this expression mean? As part of our #rise2S4 package, we use a method called the brownfield conversion to transfer the existing configurations of your ERP system to the new system. This allows us to perform a migration of your thoroughly organized business processes. A complete new implementation, also called a greenfield implementation, is not necessary. A direct migration to S/4HANA without bumpy intermediate steps can be performed.